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Starlodge Studios: Dave Hillis Private mix room

Private Mix, Overdub and Mastering studio in the downtown Seattle Sodo district.                                                             GEAR LIST: Pro tools 9 - apogee converters - neve mic pre & eq's helios 69 pre/eq - -  tl-audio tube pre/eq vintage altec mic pre - vintage balzac mic pre - rane 5-band analog controlled digital parametric eq - kush/ubk clariphonic parallel eq kush/ubk fatso compressor - manley elop compressor adr vocal stressor - krk 8 monitors - 70's adl 3 way monitors ampex 1/2" 102 tape machine - numann - blue - peluso tube and ribbon microphones - 1960's green tube echoplex tape delay various vintage guitars amps keyboards and drum machines.  

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